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Roundabout is a platform by CreativeBit, which features highly engaging content related to a plethora of topics such as recent trends, tech, food, health, travel and so on. We are aiming towards a target of 1 million website hits in less than a year, which means a wider reach for the creators we promote.

For Creators
Roundabout is a launchpad for budding creators. We feature the finest talents of the country who have been undiscovered yet. Roundabout boosts your videos/artwork to reach millions of people around the globe and helps you evolve as an established performer/artist.

Disclaimer: We do not charge anything from individuals for featuring them. Their contents are reviewed by our editors and only then the selected contents are featured in Roundabout. Due to high volume of contents we receive everyday, there might be some delay in responding to everyone. So, kindly avoid submitting the same content multiple times.

Videos: Share your music cover, music video, poetry/ storytelling video, stand-up comedy video or any other creativity you want to showcase on our platform. Submit through this link. Artwork: Share your sketches, paintings or any such artwork with our community. Submit through this link. These are some general guidelines to be followed before submitting the artworks:

1. The artwork can be sketches or paintings or any other types of art.
2. You can submit artwork related to any subject, but artworks with a social messages will stand higher chances of getting published.
3. Editors hold the right to add Roundabout’s logo on the artwork.
4. Artwork must be original.
5. You can submit any number of artworks at any time.
6. Best artworks selected by our editorial team will get published on Roundabout’s website and social media pages.
7. Artworks submitted by its creator stand a higher chance of getting selected.
8. Please refer to CreativeBit’s facebook page to know more about the type of artworks we publish.

These are some general guidelines to be followed by Roundabout creators:

1. Ideal video length should be of minimum 1 minute and max 3 minutes.
2. Our team hold the right to edit the video/s. We may add our logo/ brand slide in the video/s.
3. By submitting video link/s here, you are sharing rights to post the video with Roundabout on its website and social media accounts.
4. Right now we are accepting poems/ stories/ music covers/ original music compositions/ standup comedy/ funny videos/ dance videos/ cooking videos/ makeup artist videos or anything which is creative and can be an engaging content for the audience.
5. Nothing that spreads hate will be accepted. Tiktok and pubg videos will be rejected on first sight.
6. Videos with a special messages will stand a higher chance of getting selected.
7. Please refer to our Facebook video section to get a better understanding of the videos that get published.


1. Content in Hindi language gets the best engagement . We accept content in Hindi and English as of now.
2. Videos submitted by its creators stand higher chances of getting selected.
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